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hi, i'm christina.


i am loved by a good god.



"When we graduate, my friend and I want to start an organization to teach people in rural areas how to read. I was volunteering at a clinic last year, and I saw a child die of Cholera because the mother couldn’t remember the prescription instructions."

(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)


"My happiest moments were when my mom was still alive."
"What’s your fondest memory of your mother?"
"One time when I was six years old, we went to pick up my father at the airport. On the way, my mother explained to me the concept of boarding a plane and taking a trip. And then while we waited for my father, we sat in a nearby restaurant, and we planned out all the imaginary trips that I wanted to go on."

(Nairobi, Kenya)

my sweet man goes to the hospital for another procedure tomorrow…praying for the best.

…i keep throwing away such great opportunities.

"People who are meant to be together always find a way."

aw, boo…

i keep mulling over the fact that marco and i will be living so far away from each other now, and it keeps making me sad.

so, this happened today.
#newhair #beforeandafter

#beforeandafter #newhair

Francine Rivers

#familytime: dinner @ first chinese bbq with my parents over the weekend. :] #family #love

#familytime #love #family

too restless to go to sleep.
too tired to do anything else.

sigh. what.


nostalgia hurts.

officially moved into my campus. knowing you’ll soon be returning to yours..formerly ours.

it’s a bittersweet feeling leaving someone you love for the sake of what is supposedly best.

as i lay in my new bed—on my new campus, in my new city—my mind flashes back to memories of music school, admirable professors, talented fellow musicians, kind hearts…and you.

i’m losing everything.
everything i thought i wanted. even desires i once had.

it’s as if my future is a full new chapter, but i find myself with little desire to begin reading even the first page. the story is good, things will get better, i know…but where is my desire to read it now?

and once again, it’s as if everyone is excited except for me…a familiar situation. i have been through it before.


…it’s just the time before it does that gets to me.

"You can’t get mad at someone for not liking you back."
#too true

progress makes perfect.

not “practice.” but progress. that time interval between beginning and achieving…that is called progress.

sometimes, i get impatient and wish i could just skip that in-between time. get to the goal right away.

but that wouldn’t be as fun, now would it? and i wouldn’t really learn all those lessons that only happen through progress, now would i?

one step at a time then.

Lord, give me patience.

(via our time)



Love me you fluffy little bastard!